setting the scene
Setting the Scene: A Masterclass in Garden Design [Hardcover]
Pimpernel Press Limited, 2018 rrp £50
ISBN-10: 1910258598 |ISBN-13: 978-1910258590
In Setting the Scene, leading landscape/garden designer George Carter distils a career of over thirty years in garden design into pithy lessons that will be invaluable to any garden designer (or garden owner). George Carter's work has been inspired by the gardens of the past, from the formality of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the informal landscapes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He cites the landscape designer Humpry Repton (1752-1818) as his greatest influence.  

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Garden Magic: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary [Hardcover]

Publication Date: 10 Sep 2015 | ISBN-10: 0957150059 | ISBN-13: 978-0957150058

George Carter's garden in Norfolk, England, is a contemporary version of the 17th Century formal gardens that he admires so much. A green theatre of beauty - of rooms, enclosures and shady corners - the garden overflows with clever, witty ideas to embellish and enhance every garden.

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Vista: The Culture and Politics of Gardens [Hardcover]Vista: The Culture and Politics of Gardens [Hardcover]

Publication Date: 1 Sep 2005 | ISBN-10: 0711225753 | ISBN-13: 978-0711225756 | Edition: 1

Since the 18th century, when Pope and Addison meditated deeply on gardens, there has been very little critical discussion of gardens and gardening. This stimulating, entertaining and original collection of essays aims to redress that balance, renewing the connection between gardening and the wider intellectual and cultural world.

Essays include :


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Humphrey Reptons MemoirsHumphry Repton's Memoirs [Hardcover]

The famous landscape gardener, Humphry Repton (1754-1818) wrote a two volume Memoir at the end of his life describing his life and career. It includes many amusing and revealing anecdotes about his many and varied clients and associates. Part 1 was published in 1840 but the 2nd part only recently came to light and is published here for the first time.




The New London GardenThe New London Garden by George Carter and Marianne Majerus (1 Oct 2000)

1 Oct 2000 1840003472 978-1840003475
London has been at the cuttingedge of garden design for many years, and the extraordinary gardens in this book are sometimes eccentric, sometimes modern and chic, sometimes even surreal, but always well designed and very beautiful. Award-winning and internationally renowned garden designer George Carter presents an informal portrait of London's most stylish and finest contemporary private gardens, from the minimalist to the theatrically baroque, the exotic to the bizarre.

The Polite Repository or Pocket CompanionThe Polite Repository or Pocket Companion [Facsimile] [Paperback]

Humphry Repton supplied views of his work to this almanac between 1790 and 1808. It was published annually and gave Repton the opportunity to publicise his work to a large audience. This facsimile brings together a selection of his engraved views into one small volume. 60pp
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Gardening with HerbsGardening with Herbs (Gardening Workbooks) [Hardcover]

10 Mar 1997 Gardening workbooks
An addition to the GARDENING WORKBOOKS series which shows how to cultivate a variety of herbal gardens from simple courtyard pots and containers to more complex herb knot gardens and herb potagers.

Containers: Simple Projects for the Garden [Paperback]Containers: Simple Projects for the Garden [Paperback]

1 Mar 2006 1841726125 978-1841726120

A practical guide to simple containers you can create and plant in a weekend- The 20 projects, ranging from window boxes to painted washtubs, are each lovingly illustrated- Top gardener George Carter provides a plant directory, source list, and directions for caring for your containers and plantings.

Garden Spaces

15 April 2007 1845333071 978-1845333072 1st Pbk. Ed

This is a practical book divided into thematic chapters. The first chapter looks at the basic garden plan and how space can be used in different shaped or sized gardens. The following chapters look at ways of enlivening, or disguising unpleasant aspects of a gardens perimeters; how to make the most of both light and shade; the best ground surface substitutes for grass and paving; and ideas taken from stage designs to create theatrical effects in a garden, as well as how to rearrange space for a garden party.

Humphry Repton Landscape GardenerHumphry Repton landscape gardener 1752-1818

George Carter, Patrick Goode, Kedrun Laurie

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, 1982. Soft cover. Copyright 1982; catalogue covering exhibition at Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and Victoria and Albert Museum, circa 1982-83