Garden Magic: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary [Hardcover]

Publication Date: 10 Sep 2015 | ISBN-10: 0957150059 | ISBN-13: 978-0957150058

George Carter's garden in Norfolk, England, is a contemporary version of the 17th Century formal gardens that he admires so much. A green theatre of beauty - of rooms, enclosures and shady corners - the garden overflows with clever, witty ideas to embellish and enhance every garden.

In Garden Magic, George first conducts a tour around the garden explaining how it came to be, and how he has incorporated the tenets of formal gardens into the design. He then digs deeper, showing in detail how in gardening terms to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, using everyday

items found in garden centres, chain stores, plumbers merchants and even Christmas lighting catalogues, turning them, with a modicum of work and a maximum of imagination, into objects and devices of charm and beauty that will elevate every garden, large or small.

Price £25.00 published by Double Barrelled Books available from Amazon and bookshops.